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Ardex P 51 Primer Water-Based Priming & Bonding Agent (Choice of Size)

by Ardex

Brand Ardex


Cost Effective

Colour: Blue

Low Odour & Solvent-Free

Coverage: 25m² - 160m² (Depending On Mixing Ratio)

Available Sizes: 1L & 5 L

Option Product Code Price Quantity
1 Litre 18466

£16.73 INC VAT

£13.94 EX VAT

5 Litre 18468

£46.00 INC VAT

£38.33 EX VAT


A concentrated, blue, synthetic, water-based, solvent-free multi-purpose primer with a wide range of applications which, after drying, helps to inhibit the penetration of water from subsequently applied materials.

This product is used to prepare dry internal floors, walls and ceilings to receive cement-based mortars (levelling compounds, tile adhesives, screeds) as well as plaster-based materials, improving adhesion as a bonding agent and retarding the wetting of the substrate by the applied materials.

Effective pore sealer on absorbent sub-floors inhibiting air bubbles rising through subsequently applied sub-floor smoothing and levelling compounds, thus extending their flow life and workability. ARDEX P51 can be used to prime and seal the surfaces of cement or gypsum plaster-based materials such as wall plaster, floors of cement-based or prepared anhydrite and alpha hemihydrate pumped screeds before applying cement-based products such as levelling compounds and tile adhesives. ARDEX P51 can be used as a bonding agent to improve adhesion to dense and smooth concrete sub-floors and dense cement-based screeds before using repair mortars or cement-based tile adhesives. Suitable for priming rigidly supported and conditioned plywood sub-floors before fixing ceramic tiling with appropriate cement-based tile adhesives.

ARDEX P51 can be used as a temporary protective coating over cement-based smoothing compounds and repair mortars where these have to be walked on before the flooring is applied and as a temporary dust-proofing treatment on screeds.

- Multipurpose - Suitable for a wide range of applications
- Easy to use, dilute as appropriate for the application
- For floors, walls and ceilings, including dense and porous surfaces
- Ideal for sealing and priming gypsum-based plasters and screeds
- Minimises air bubbles rising through levelling compounds and porous surfaces
- Low odour and solvent-free
- Cost-effective, up to 160m² Per 5kg unit


Storage: ARDEX P 51 must be stored in unopened packaging, clear of the ground; in cool, dry conditions and protected from excessive draught. If stored correctly, the shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date shown on the packaging.
Coverage: 25m² - 160m² (Depending On Mixing Ratio).
Available Sizes: 1L & 5 L.
Colour: Blue.

Hazard Information: Aqueous synthetic polymer-based dispersion. Wash off the skin before drying takes place. Any material slashed into the eye, mouth or nose should be washed away immediately with clean water. Avoid ingestion. Non-toxic and small amounts are unlikely to cause more than temporary discomfort. If large amounts are swallowed seek medical advice. For the latest health and safety information on this product consult the current Health and Safety Data Sheet.